social media optimozation

Social media marketing or  promoting products or anything on Facebook,  instagram..etc

1 Use of social media like Facebook etc  has increased rapidly in past few years  thus marketers ( who want to sell there products)  cannot neglect this plateform
2 promoting product on social media is easy and cheap or free but the question is how to use it to make your product a brand or popular to people.
3 Mercury is experienced in this is best for u
4  We are best for you because we understand different perspectives of business,  different products and we know which social media site or plateform  to use  and how


Facebook has many users but it also has many marketers promoting there product already.
We, Mercury as a Facebook marketing agency  creates attractive and relevant text , video , audio to promote your product .
We are a specialised Facebook advertising agency..we plan target and promote posts well.


Is also a powerful tool on twitter which can be  used by people to share views on particular matter or content
We help client by creating content that can be popular and can get viral…we also organise small contests and make them viral .
This can make your  brand popular ( brand visibility)  and increase traffic on your website.